CLARITAS is an emergent player in the new energy space focused on growth markets in the EMEA region. CLARITAS creates investment platforms to deliver commercially viable solutions against climate emergency. CLARITAS team brings a toughened understanding of doing business in growth markets and looks back to a multi-GW track record across different markets.



We invest exclusively in clean energy assets whilst constantly gauging the markets and identifying growth spots and equity gaps. We excel on undertaking and managing development and completion risks by following a rigorous execution process framework with highly skilled teams. At CLARITAS we are passionate in creating investable assets for ourselves, our partners and for the economy.


As an immediate proof of the strategy, CLARITAS is in the process of building up GW-scale renewable platforms in the fast-paced markets of Poland and Greece. As a leading player in these markets, CLARITAS has contributed to the local communities, supported the development of the grid infrastructure and advanced the renewable agenda in both countries. 


Hydrogen is a credible solution for the residual segments of the economy that is hard to decarbonize by electrification from renewables. CLARITAS is developing integrated projects for producing hydrogen from renewable resources and provide green hydrogen to pioneer customers in the industry, mobility as well as blending into the gas grid.



The intermittency of renewables remains to be an issue for full de-carbonization of the electricity sector and maintaining supply security. Grid-level battery storage technologies has proven its merit and poised to become a commercial solution in a few years. CLARITAS is pursuing several projects to integrate storage solutions to its renewable projects to provide dispatchable clean electricity to the grid.