Claritas Investments (CLARITAS), a Dutch-based energy transition investor, is set to work with the Polish battery storage developer Hynfra Energy Storage (HES) to rollout 500MW of utility-scale energy storage capacity in Poland. The framework agreement with HES marks Claritas’s first investment in the Polish battery energy storage market.

On December 13th, 2022 CLARITAS signed a Framework Development Agreement with Hynfra Energy Storage for the development of utility-scale energy storage systems in Poland. A key aspect of the agreement is to ensure battery energy storage for participation in wholesale markets, provide ancillary and capacity market services to the Polish electricity grid and enable further decarbonization of the energy network towards net zero emissions.

CLARITAS is an energy transition investor focused on greenfield and early-stage opportunities. It invests into future-proof business models and create platforms of high-quality assets to the benefit of a modern energy infrastructure. CLARITAS has been an active player in the Polish renewable market since 2018 and has developed a GW-scale solar portfolio.

Hynfra Energy Storage is a utility-scale energy storage systems developer with experience in developing and constructing the largest infrastructure projects in Poland and the first company in the Polish market that provides comprehensive energy storage solutions in the storage as a service model and energy off-take for the production of renewable hydrogen.

“Conclusion of the Framework Development Agreement for the development of energy storage projects with Hynfra Energy Storage is an important step for CLARITAS to expand its presence in this new market segment in Poland. We appreciate the commitment and professional approach of our partner and we count on further developments on the rapidly evolving renewable market in Poland. I believe that this cooperation will bring numerous benefits to both parties and will contribute to improvement of public grid operability, especially in the regions where we want to develop joint projects,” says Michał Kopyś, Country Director Poland, Claritas Investments.

“Hynfra Energy Storage’s mission is to make the transition to the renewable energy as soon as possible. And the creation of a platform of utility-scale electricity storage assets is our first move towards achieving this goal. We are delighted to team up with CLARITAS as a partner and convinced that our Framework Development Agreement will lead the battery storage market in Poland in terms of scale, quality of assets and speed of deployment.”, notes Piotr Czembor, CEO of Hynfra Energy Storage.

CLARITAS and Hynfra Energy Storage aim to develop large-scale battery storage projects that will not only improve the quality and stabilize the operation of the public grid but can also stack the potential revenues through active and flexible participation in the electricity trading markets and balancing services markets.

“We strongly believe that the signing of the agreement is just the beginning of our close collaboration and soon we will announce the first joint BESS projects in Poland,” says Jakub Küpcü, Investment Manager Renewables & Storage, CLARITAS.

“For Hynfra Energy Storage this agreement is a validation of its unique expertise related to the development of energy storage systems and a strong statement that Polish market is on the verge of acceleration towards clean and renewable assets supported by energy storage systems, which has already been recognized by international investors,” adds Michał Maćkowiak, Board Advisor of Hynfra Energy Storage.

Energy storage facilities are an excellent tool to help stabilize grid operation by balancing electricity supply and demand. They can provide a range of services to improve the operation of the power system, from leveling voltage problems to providing power reserve to services to restore the power system in the event of a power outage. Thanks to these functions, energy storage facilities help optimize the cost of generation investments and grid modernization expenditures, contributing to lower end-user bills.