Very proud to announce that our 40 MWh Polish Battery Storage project has won a 17-year contract in the latest Polish Capacity Market auction. The Polish TSO (Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne), as part of the contract, will participate in the remuneration of the storage unit for providing grid stabilization and balancing services, further strengthening the project’s potential to secure long-term revenue contracts and overall bankability.  Special kudos goes to our project partner, Solartech, for the excellent teamwork and support.

“We’re very excited that our first BESS project has been successful in the recent Polish Capacity Market auction. The highly competitive auction witnessed a substantial influx of new BESS projects which makes it particularly rewarding for the entire team that our project went through. The 17 year- capacity contract provides a solid linchpin for the successful development of the project. Further, we expect this achievement to bolster our discussions with financial institutions and accelerate our strategy to bring further projects on to the next auctions” says Jakub Kupcu CLARITAS Investment Manager Renewables & Storage.

CLARITAS is a pan-European energy transition investor focusing on greenfield and early-stage projects. CLARITAS invests in future-proof business models and create high-quality asset platforms for the benefit of a modern energy infrastructure. CLARITAS has been an active player in the Polish renewable energy market since 2018 and have been developing a GW-scale renewable portfolio.